Event – BeNeLux Power & iBelieve – 14/11; networking evening 13/11

13/11/2013 14:30

BeNeLux Power
Future and Role of Power Technology IBM i, AIX and Linux
Application Modernization and iBelieve IBM i 25th anniversary celebrations

A joint COMMON Belgium, NGN/COMMON Netherlands and COMMON Luxembourg event

that was brought to you through COMMON Europe and looksoftware

Dear IT Directors / Dear Application Developers,
Applications are the life blood of today’s information age. We need current, modern applications all the time. The technology is evolving in quantum leaps, what is modern today is legacy tomorrow. Thus Application Modernization is a constant need of all IT shops.
Innovation, adaptability, performance, availability, and scalability are the main advantages of the IBM i that celebrates 25 years this year. This celebration was graced by Dr Frank Soltis, the father of AS/400 that is IBM i today.  He gave his expert view on what the business computing future is and how the IBM i fits in it for the next 25 years.

Agenda (subject to change)

Wednesday 13 November
14:30    Arrivals at Hotel Van der VALK
19:00    Appetizers
19:30    Dinner (20 seats only)
Night of 13 November – stay at hotel (20 rooms only)
Thursday 14 November
10:00    Welcome coffee
10:30    Welcome from COMMON Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, a word from the sponsors
11:00    Sander E.C. Slingerland - Overall IBM update and Power Systems Strategy
11:30    Convenience break
11:40    Dr Frank Soltis - Future Directions in Business Computing and the Role of Power systems
12:30    Buffet Lunch

IBM i stream
13:30    Paul Hodgkinson - Modern, Connected and Open - the future of
            IBM i applications
14:15   Trevor Perry - Architecting IBM i Modernization

AIX/Linux stream
13:30    Franz Bourlet - Linux on Power
14:15    Philippe Ceyssens -Power Systems strategy and
            latest announcements

Closing session
15:00    Coffee in Expo area
15:30    Application modernization roundtable with Dr Frank Soltis, Guy Kindermans, Jos Vermaere and an AIX specialist
            - Moderator - Trevor Perry
16:30    Drinks, networking and quality
prizes in Expo

Trevor Perry

Hotel Van der Valk, Aalsterweg 322, 5644 RL Eindhoven, Netherlands, T: +31 (0)40 2116033, www.hoteleindhoven.

It was great meeting you at this special event that celebrated the 25 years of IBM i!
COMMON Belgium – NGN SIG Common – COMMON Luxembourg

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