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Cloud 27 March - Agenda with speaker bio's

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14:30 - "Common Belgium General Assembly"




* Gustaaf Legroux, President, COMMON Belgium

Gustaaf has Masters in Informatics and Finance. He was CIO for 25 years in Union Minière, BE, Za, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil & Australia and in Comelco, BE NE FR and ISPC, BE NE FR SE. His boss had 3 châteaux in St-Emilion Franc Maine.. where he worked 4 days a month during 10 years. He had the opportunity to visit and taste Petrus Margaux Cheval Blanc Gruaud la Rose L'Angelus La Tour ...

14:45 - Welcome Coffee




15:15 – Welcome from Common Belgium











Welcome from IBM























* Shrirang “Ranga” Deshpande, Ph.D., an IBM Champion,is Vice-president and Events Organizer of COMMON Belgium and Marketing Director of COMMON Europe. He is Strategy Advisor to IT and Honorary ICT Director at Institut Jules Bordet, the Comprehensive Cancer Centre of the University of Brussels, Belgium. Constant improvement of people's quality of life through the informatics ecosystem is his passion. Since years, Ranga sits on the COMMON Europe Advisory Council for shaping future strategy of IBM i.


* Dirk De Bevere, IBM Business Line Executive for Integrated Technology Services (ITS) in Benelux

ITS serves customers in various industries and provides solutions ranging from smaller, short-term consultancy assignments to large, long-term managed services engagements and specializes in the domains of Business Continuity & Resiliency, Security, IT Services Optimization and Cloud Computing.

Dirk has 22 years of experience in the IT industry, and is now with IBM since 12 years. Today he leads a cross-functional team spanning sales, solutioning, local and off-shored delivery. He is member of the IBM Benelux Senior Leadership Team and the IBM Belgium Executive Committee. Next to that he serves as boardmember for IBM Services Financial Sector Luxembourg and was the chairman of the board of Skillteam prior to its integration in IBM Belgium.


Before taking up his current role Dirk held several management roles in IBM's Global Technology Services Department and prior to that in Software Group. Dirk holds a University Degree at Antwerp University and an MBA at Henley Management College.


Follow Dirk on Twitter: @dirkdebevere


* Kris De Boeck Sales Manager Global Technology Services IBMis currently leading the business development and sales department of Integrated Technology Services (ITS) in Belgium.

Kris has acquired a wide experience in IT sales and services in IBM in several management positions.

He started his sales career in IBM as a specialized sales rep for midrange systems, including S/36, S38 and AS/400.






15:30 - Cloud Today - Does it fit for all companies?

               Insights from the IBM Cloud Study

        IBM cloud vision and portfolio for Medium                Sized and Enterprise customers

        How to position Public - Private – Hybrid                cloud

        Difference between the local IaaS provider                and the global cloud players     




* Francis Werquin - IBM Benelux Cloud Leader, Cloud Solutions,worked for 15 years for IBM customers. After first getting experience in the infrastructure layer within the Systems Technology Group, he supported one of IBM Global Accounts in the consumer sector. Since 3 years he is engaged in the launch of Cloud Solutions within the Global Technology Services to support customers to grow their business based on new technology, or with fewer limitations from the infrastructure.

16:00 - IBM's i-cloud offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for the IBM i (AS/400) platform

        Can I make my ICT environment with my IBM i (AS/400) as agile as the business wants it?

        Can I support my business with my IBM i environment in a "pay-as-you-go" OPEX model?

        How does it work? IBM's approach to IaaS,                Managed Resiliency and Recovery        


* Philippe Neutens - IBM Business Continuity and Recovery Specialist

Philippe is a Managed Resiliency Sales Specialist within IBM Global Technology Services (GTS).

He has over 12 years of experience in Managed Resiliency and developed new solutions together with the delivery team of the Business Continuity and Recovery Services division of IBM in answer to customer's specific needs.

16:45 - Break



17:15 - Customer case on IaaS - B-Bridge -



* Represented by Filip Criel,

 ICT Advisor - Project Manager for IaaS
* Presented by Pieter Evers - IBM Business Continuity and Resiliency specialist

17:45 - Panel discussion:  Cloud - What's in it for me?

        How will cloud influence my "internal" and                "external" governance?

        How can I as an ICT Manager/CIO keep                control of the cloud initiatives coming                from the business?

        What about my compliancy rules?

        What about security?

        What about system performance?

        What about networking costs?

        How can I as an ICT Manager / CIO help the          business by delivering cloud                capabilities? (What's in it for                my business)

        How will my CFO look to the OPEX vs                CAPEX?

        + additional questions sent by the Common                members / contacts









* Francis Werquin – see above


* Marc Installe is Managing Consultant within IBM Global Technology Services (GTS).

With more than 25 years of experience in Information Technology, Education, Enterprise Architecture, Project Management, Account Management and IT Consulting, he developed a worldwide competence in Cloud governance, finance and business value.


*Philippe Vanden Bussche, IT Director e-5mode.

Philippe, currently an IT Director, has over 30 years of experience at the same company, e-5 mode, where he started as S38 programmer / system manager. He has worked with almost all flavors of IBM midrange servers.
Since years, Philippe is Vice-President of COMMON Belgium and also sits on the COMMON Europe Advisory Council for shaping future strategy of IBM i.


*Ranga Deshpande – Moderator - see above.

18:15 - Wine Tasting - Discover the Common                Belgium choice of excellent wines




* Gustaaf Legroux – see above

* Thierry De Laet - An œnologue and famous wine taster, is well known in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. He was chief of the wine departments in ISPC group and Fourcroy. He started his own wine business 3 years ago in Rixensart delivering normally only the HORECA. He will sell his wines to our Common.be members at the same prices. He can be reached at Thierry@dltwine.be.

* Philippe Vanden Bussche – see above

18:45 – “Common Belgium 2.0 and perspectives”

Prize Draw (iPad mini for returned                 Evaluation forms; 1 free membership                for non-members; 1 free ticket for                COMMON Europe Congress)


* Ranga Deshpande – see above

* Philippe Vanden Bussche – see above

19:00 - Walking dinner