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It is the Cloud st...


If you wonder why the hardware sellers are hit by lower sales: it's the Cloud.
If you wonder why IT managers are getting grumpy: it's the Cloud.

Many companies are considering moving to the Cloud and have stopped or postponed the renewal of their on-premises infrastructure. Once the Cloud has proven the ability to answer to business needs (or proven not to deliver) sales will increase.
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And now why are IT people getting grumpy? In many cases the Cloud idea is coming from CEO/CFO directly and IT people don't like to lose the initiative.
But more important why is the CxO considering the "Cloud"? IT people can find many reasons to this.

Just a few of them:
- CxO thinks that the IT service level is below acceptable.
The IT answer: it is acceptable. If you feel it unacceptable, we can talk and work on it. Don't need to overreact.

- CFO in search of cost cuttings.
The IT answer: Not true, IT costs increases when moving to the Cloud. "How can a big company not knowing our business perform better  than our IT team that very well knows the business needs and learned to get the most out of our systems?"

- CEO wants IT to focus on the business not on systems and processes?
The IT answer: can we do that with the same people? Don't we need other profiles to do that?

- Or is it because CxO hopes to get rid that way from all legacy applications, procedures, systems etc.?
And thus make a new start on a clean slate? You cannot stop IT people from reading this as a motion of distrust. Now they're not getting grumpy, they're become stressed too!

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Not interested in cloud? Maybe. But don't forget the Cloud is interested in you. That's for sure.

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Philippe Vanden Bussche, VP, COMMON Belgium