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BeNeLux Power 2014 + iBelieve ComEur Tour

Thank you, thank you very much for your BIG participation and thank you for understanding the last minute agenda changes.

The event was impossible without your commitment and really taking time to attend. Thank you speakers, the education was impossible without your presentations.
Dear sponsors – thank you very much. The event would have been very difficult to hold without your sponsorship.

It was very pleasant to see this big community. You were in bigger numbers than last year and almost half of you were newcomers. The workshops and certifications were new this year and you replied massively and told us they were Excellent or Very good.Highly appreciated; the community is growing and you like our offer.

In addition to this rich portfolio of workshops, certifications, networking, education and exhibition experience, one participant won two substantial prizes – a kindle and an iPad mini - and another one the other iPad mini. Not bad. Thanks to Pantheon Automatisering and Utilities 400.

* Thanks to all of you who returned the evaluation form. Your evaluation is precious for future events. You received a “2000 Euro per month Win for Life” ticket. Nobody told me their prize, 3 to 2500 Euros, but maybe we have a real “Win for Life” winner. So congratulations.

* And those who did not receive the ticket, there will be a second chance. You will soon receive an invitation to fill in the evaluation form on-line. In case you reply and also give your postal address, we will send the ticket by post giving you a chance to win “2000 Euro per month for Life” or the smaller prizes from 3 to 2500 Euros. So stay tuned.

Dear friends, there is always room for improvement. We highly value our community and will not fail to communicate to you the collective anonymous evaluation.

Offering you once again our sincere thanks, dear participants, we already extend you our invitation for the next year, 2015. We will not fail to inform to you the dates as soon as we decide them. It will be the same winning formula: workshops, certifications, education, exhibition and of course substantial prizes.

Thanks to our event partners and sponsors: