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IBM Power Systems in the IBM Public Cloud

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Dear Common Belgium community,

We sincerely hope that you, your family and your loved ones are safe and well in these difficult pandemic times. As promised, Common Belgium aims to continue providing education and training through virtual activities on IBM Power Systems and the IBM i.

Our first webinar is on a very current topic, the cloud computing. Our  present business demands are becoming more and more sophisticated and our current IT environments are continuously under stress. Sooner or later we will have to stick to our essentials and seek outside help for the rest. Cloud computing is one of its solution. Listen to this FREE webinar offered to you as a benefit of your membership in Common Belgium.

Stay healthy, stay safe and take care.
Common Belgium Board

The IBM Power Systems in the IBM Public Cloud
Fabian Michel, Client Technical Architect, IBM Systems Belgium

Abstract - Many companies are adopting or considering cloud, and IBM has some great technologies for creating an on-premise cloud and for managing the cloud (both on-premise and public). Available now is the ability to run AIX and IBM i workloads on Power Systems in IBM Cloud (IBM's public cloud). In this session, Fabian gives a short intro covering the what, why, how, some typical use cases and pricing structure. This is followed by a small demonstration walk-through to show you how to get started, change resources being consumed and more. Fabian will also highlight considerations for licensing, backup, HA, managing and support. And finally, you will have a brief overview and comparison with other Power Systems cloud offerings.

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About the speaker:

Fabian Michel
Client Technical Architect, IBM Systems
IBM Expert Level Certified Consulting IT Specialist
Master Certified Technical Specialist (The Open Group)

Bio - Fabian is a Certified Consulting IT Specialist at IBM Belgium. He holds an M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering. His area of expertise is infrastructure solutions design. He has 25 years of experience in Power Systems. Fabian wrote the first technical paper about Flash storage & IBM i and developed the FLiP tool to predict Flash storage impact on IBM i workloads. Both earned him worldwide recognition. Often sought by clients as a trusted adviser, he is also a frequent speaker at customer events.