Benelux Power 2020: Wed 25 Nov, Eindhoven Common BE+NL+LU the 8th consecutive year

Save the Date - 25 November
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Workshops, presentations and round tables
Expo and Excellence Awards

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Koen Decorte bests:

Application Development:
- Workshop /deep dive on Rational Developer and integration with Git
- Session on a modernization use case (customer presentation)
- Using SQL to produce JSON files
- Session on Microservices with examples
- What is new in Application Development in 2020

Open source:
- Deep dive on AI on IBM i (presentation of a real use case)
- Session on using Ansible with IBM i
- Session on using Python for data visualization on IBM i
- Session on integrating RPG with Node.js / Node-Red / Python
- Round table discussion on challenges for the near future
- A customer case for using open source

- Workshop on building a Chatbot

Rudi van Helvoirt bests:

Systems Management
- Software Replication/Hardware Replication, Geographic/Metro/Global Mirror a primer
- IBM i services are the future, but are they yours?
- What to consider when you are running VIOS in your shop
- Administration Runtime Expert course

Systems Management Performance
- Performance Data Investigation course
- The other parts of ACS: SQL Performance Center

Philippe Vanden Bussche bests:

Db2 and SQL
- Checklist for developing new databases
   (No need to modernize if done right, right from the beginning)
- Using Authority Collection to secure your database.
- Building JSON with SQL
- SQL for the experts
- IBM i ACS Run SQL scripts for the business analyst
- The impact of Db2 Mirror for i on your business process
Save the Date - 25 November, full day

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