Benelux Power 2020 virtual edition and Excellence Awards: Wed 25 Nov, An on-line event of Common BE+NL+LU in the 8th consecutive year

Virtual edition - save the Date - 25 November
the agenda is almost ready
The aim is to send people home with something to use or
implement immediately or to start a (small) project around


Workshops, presentations and i-Chat

Start preparing your submissions - annoucement imminent

Koen Decorte bests:

Application Development:
- Workshop /deep dive on RPG with Node.js
- Microservices (customer presentation)

- IBM i services

Rudi van Helvoirt bests:

Systems Management
- Software Replication/Hardware Replication, Geographic/Metro/Global Mirror a primer
- IBM i ACS in action

-Philippe Vanden Bussche bests:

Db2 and SQL
- SQL for the experts
- Db2 Mirror for i

Authority collection - practical examples

Benelux Power rituals:
- i-Chat on Systems Management and Application Development
Save the Date - 25 November, full day