Benelux Power 2021 - postponed to Wed-Thu 9-10 Feb 2022 Eindhoven, NL

Event postponed to 9-10 February 2022
due to current COVID restrictions
in Netherlands and Belgium
Watch this space for more information
Come listen Jesse Gorzinski, Business Architect
Open Source for IBM i and other IBM and industry experts


Workshops and deep dives - Wed 9 February
Conference, Expo and Excellence Awards - Thursday 10 Feb

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Thanks to our well wishers, partners & sponsors


Come join us to deepen your knowledge

I. Current and emerging topics and top IBM and industry speakers:
The conference main education themes are: Emerging technologies, Open Source, AI,
Application Development, Db2 and SQL, System Management, Security and
Customer cases.

II. Workshops / deep dives and sessions offered by IBM and industry experts:
Jesse Gorzinski, Business Architect Open Source for i, IBM Rochester
Tonny Bastiaans, WW Product Manager Power Systems, IBM Nertherlands
Fabian Michel, Systems Management, IBM Belgium

Juan Manuel Alcudia, Db2 and SQL, CD-Invest
Mario Aquino, Application Modernbization, Easi
Koen Decorte, Application Development; CD-Invest
Niels Liisberg, Appl Dev and Open Source, System and Method, Denmark
Rudi van Helvoirt, Systems Management, Easi
Liliane Van Winckel, App Modernization, Easi
Igor Versluys, Cloud Computing, Iptor. 


III. Vendor solutions in their own slots:

Do not miss 6 Solution Providers' 25 minutes sessions, non-competing with education sessions, in their own slots. It's
Education and latest products information enhancing your own solutions.

New registratioins opening soon