PHP on IBM i - for beginners to advanced; preceded by the General Assembly

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PHP on the IBM i – show me how to start
+ Panel discussion on PHPStorm and other IDEs
preceded by the General Assembly

Statutory requirement – members alone:
• 14:00: Event opening and General Assembly COMMON Belgium - Philippe Vanden Bussche, President
• 14.20: Break

And the education starts:
• 14.30: Installing and compiling PHP on your IBM i – live demo – Koen Decorte, CEO, CD-Invest
• 15.10: Break
• 15.20: Using PHP on the IBM i - a practical example – Dimi Van Langenhoven, Applicatioin Development Team Coordinator,EASI
• 16.00: Break
• 16.10: Panel discussion on pros and cons of PHPStorm and similar IDEs – moderator and participant Koen Decorte, CD-Invest, Belgium
Panelists: Alan Seiden, Principal, Seiden Group, USA; Dimi Van Langenhoven, AD Team Coordinator, EASI, Belgium, and Gautier Dumas, Founder and Director, CFD-INNOVATION, France.
• 16.50: End of the day

- We are fulfilling a popular request - PHP on the IBM i – “how to install and compile it” followed by “a simple application to know how to use it’.
- We do not forget the advanced PHP user. Koen will moderate a panel discussion on PHPStorm and other IDEs.
- We will start with a small General Assembly, a short presentation on past and future, the financial results and board elections (only members vote).

Just join us and continue learning.
The COMMON Belgium Board

Tuesday 23 June, 14:30 to 16:50

Koen Decorte
CEO, CD-Invest

• 14.30: Installing and compiling PHP on your IBM i – live demo

ABSTRACT - The question is not “if open source” can work on the IBM i – The question is: what is best for you?
Learn how to install PHP rpm (no Zendserver) and how to configure it.

See how to even compile open source packages and manage them easily on IBM i.

• 16.10: Panel discussion on pros and cons of PHPStorm and similar IDEs

BIO - Koen Decorte is owner of CD Invest, an international IBM business partner with offices in Belgium and Spain. CD-Invest is specialized in innovating and modernizing IBM i applications.
Koen started his career in computer linguistics and in 1994 changed his focus to open source applications. He donated his own POP3 client written in RPG to the open source EASY400 community. Today CD Invest is proud of its state of the art applications and innovation projects. Koen and his team recently developed a web based 3D furniture configurator on IBM i for JORI, a high-end furniture manufacturer. This application won the BeNeLux Power 2016 Excellence Award. Another of his clients, Deknudt Frames, won the 2017 BeNeLux Power Excellence Award with their webshop application.
Koen is IBM Fresh Face 2017, IBM Champion 2018, 2019 and 2020. Koen is also 
member of CEAC (common europe advisory council) that discusses future strategy of the platform with IBM.

You can also follow Koen on Twitter (@koen_decorte) and LinkedIn.

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Dimi Van Langenhoven
Application Development Team Coordinator, EASI

• 15.20: Using PHP on the IBM i - a practical example

ABSTRACT - Working with PHP on IBM i is easy if you know where to start. In his presentation Using PHP on the IBM i - a practical example Dimi demonstrates in 40 minutes how easy it can be to implement some of the web development basics, using one of the many PHP frameworks.

• 16.10: Panel discussion on pros and cons of PHPStorm and similar IDEs

BIO - Dimi Van Langenhoven has been with EASI for more than 3 years. As a Teamleader, he and his team of PHP developers mainly concentrate on projects focused on modernizations within the IBM i Power domain. They advise and guide clients through the modernization process of their RPG applications. His team worked on numerous assignments to upgrade and expand IBM i databases, applications, web clients and services. With his Open Source development background and his knowledge of the IBM i technologies, he combines the best of both to help clients on a functional and technical level.

You can also follow Dimi on Twitter (@Dimi_VL_) and LinkedIn 

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Alan Seiden
Principal, Seiden Group

• 16.10: Panel discussion on pros and cons of PHPStorm and similar IDEs

BIO Alan Seiden founded Seiden Group to modernize IBM i applications using open source web technologies such as PHP, Python, Node.js, and DB2 for i and RPG business logic. Recognized as an IBM Champion, Alan hosts the CIO Summit twice per year. He and his team work with the best minds in the industry to provide objective advice and hands-on development. Alan co-developed the popular PHP Toolkit with IBM; was one of the first Zend Framework certified engineers; charter member of IBM/COMMON’s PHP Advisory Board; and a consultant for IBM’s manual PHP: Zend Core for i5/OS. An award-winning speaker, Alan has been called “the performance guru of PHP on IBM i.”  Subscribe to Alan’s monthly newsletter Open Thinking: IBM i Strategy & Tips. 

You can also follow Alan on Twitter (@alanseiden) and LinkedIn

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Gautier Dumas
Founder and Director, CFD-INNOVATION

• 16.10: Panel discussion on pros and cons of PHPStorm and similar IDEs

BIO Gautier DUMAS has been involved for 10 years in conducting numerous development projects implementing web technologies in the IBM i environment.
A PHP specialist, Gautier is interested in various modernization approaches involving Open Source technologies. It is in this dynamic that he created CFD-INNOVATION, specialized in consulting, training and development missions with PHP and Node.js on IBM i.
Thanks to his expertise in Db2 on IBM i, he also excels in the IBM DB2 Web Query, a Business Intelligence solution that leverages and gives insights in company data. 

You can also follow Gautier on Twitter (@GautierDumas) and LinkedIn.


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Presentations IBM Power Systems in the IBM Public Cloud

Thanks for attending the 22 April webinar.
Password protected presentations link below the image.


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IBM Power Systems in the IBM Public Cloud

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Dear Common Belgium community,

We sincerely hope that you, your family and your loved ones are safe and well in these difficult pandemic times. As promised, Common Belgium aims to continue providing education and training through virtual activities on IBM Power Systems and the IBM i.

Our first webinar is on a very current topic, the cloud computing. Our  present business demands are becoming more and more sophisticated and our current IT environments are continuously under stress. Sooner or later we will have to stick to our essentials and seek outside help for the rest. Cloud computing is one of its solution. Listen to this FREE webinar offered to you as a benefit of your membership in Common Belgium.

Stay healthy, stay safe and take care.
Common Belgium Board

The IBM Power Systems in the IBM Public Cloud
Fabian Michel, Client Technical Architect, IBM Systems Belgium

Abstract - Many companies are adopting or considering cloud, and IBM has some great technologies for creating an on-premise cloud and for managing the cloud (both on-premise and public). Available now is the ability to run AIX and IBM i workloads on Power Systems in IBM Cloud (IBM's public cloud). In this session, Fabian gives a short intro covering the what, why, how, some typical use cases and pricing structure. This is followed by a small demonstration walk-through to show you how to get started, change resources being consumed and more. Fabian will also highlight considerations for licensing, backup, HA, managing and support. And finally, you will have a brief overview and comparison with other Power Systems cloud offerings.

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About the speaker:

Fabian Michel
Client Technical Architect, IBM Systems
IBM Expert Level Certified Consulting IT Specialist
Master Certified Technical Specialist (The Open Group)

Bio - Fabian is a Certified Consulting IT Specialist at IBM Belgium. He holds an M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering. His area of expertise is infrastructure solutions design. He has 25 years of experience in Power Systems. Fabian wrote the first technical paper about Flash storage & IBM i and developed the FLiP tool to predict Flash storage impact on IBM i workloads. Both earned him worldwide recognition. Often sought by clients as a trusted adviser, he is also a frequent speaker at customer events.

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