Code of Ethics


The COMMON Belgium Code of Ethics is established to promote and maintain fair dealing and reasonable conduct at all COMMON Belgium activities. Adherence to the Code is obligatory for all COMMON Belgium members or persons participating in COMMON Belgium activities. Any violation of this Code is punishable by a majority decision by the COMMON Belgium Board. Companies or persons present or related to COMMON Belgium activities not following the code, whether member of COMMON Belgium or not, can be excluded on the spot and also from all future activities.

In recognition of the special relationship between COMMON Belgium and IBM and its channel partners and the membership’s need for information about these products and services, the COMMON Belgium Board may determine from time to time that displays and promotional sessions regarding such products and services are not a violation of COMMON’s rules and regulations.


  1. All COMMON Belgium members and non-member event participants are held to follow moral and ethical conduct in relation to COMMON Belgium activities, during or outside of them.
  2. All commercial activity at COMMON Belgium events, without a written agreement, is strictly prohibited.
  3. Information and documents received during or after the activities are confidential and cannot be published or distributed without permission from COMMON Belgium Board.
  4. Prices may not be published or discussed during COMMON Belgium activities unless otherwise explicitly approved by COMMON Belgium Board.
  5. The use of COMMON Belgium activities for purposes of soliciting employment or contacting employees is strictly prohibited.
  6. This code will be periodically reviewed by the COMMON Belgium Board to follow current fair conduct practices.