Event 20/09/2013 - Securing the Enterprise, IT Projects and Mobile Devices

IT security has now become a crucial business issue covering the entire gamut of our IT and non IT operations. Every IT publication we read or the news we hear, security occupies central place. The mobile devices are coming en masse and bring their own security challenges. Security is everywhere. We fully need to know its implications.
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COMMON Europe to broaden the Advisory Council and gather the Power community’s requirements.

The Common Europe Advisory Council (CEAC) collects requirements from the IBM Power community. Indeed you all can request function additions or changes if they are missing. We need to make the Power system and the IBM i optimal for us and to evolve with us. CEAC members evaluate your requirements and submit them to IBM. To activate this process Common Europe is calling for new CEAC members who have time and the skills to participate in this process.

COMMON.BE goes interactive

The all new website you're looking at is not only a cosmetic upgrade.

It expresses COMMON Belgium’s engagement to connect with its members in a more interactive way. Of course the main activity remains our events. But COMMON Belgium wants its members to choose the subjects, suggest speakers, set the frequency, select locations, discuss start and end times, all this to facilitate events’ participation to the maximum.

We earnestly request you to be participative and put your personal ideas in a comment of this article.

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