Thank you for the exceptional Benelux Power 2018

                                The 6th annual flagship event of
     Common Belgium, 
Common Netherlands and Common Luxembourg
                   concluded with acclaim and applause from all present

Here are 3 comments received:

Thank you for a great meeting in Eindhoven - Jürgen Desmidt
Thank you very much for the well organized event - Tsvetan Marinov
We did an exceptional job - Philippe Vanden Bussche


Please look forward to handouts from Monday onwards


Thanks to our well-wishers, partners and sponsors:

Benelux Power 2018 - Monday-Tuesday - 08-09 October Eindhoven, Netherlands




FREE main Conference and Expo, Tuesday 9 October,
for members and sponsor recommended participants

Do not miss this once a year
Exceptional Education opportunity near you

Workshops Certifications 8/10 Conference
agenda 9/10
Solutions 9/10
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                                       Benelux Power 2018
The 6th annual flagship event of
     Common Belgium, 
Common Netherlands and Common Luxembourg 
Why you should be there?
Once a year Benelux Power brings together hundred plus Power System, IBM i experts,
users, vendors and like-minded professionals under one roof to network, learn, and share
best practices. High quality Education is delivered by IBM and Industry Experts. 

I. Monday 8 Oct Workshops / Deep dives:
Morning (one of these):   
  • Applying IBM i Security - Carol Woodbury, Help Systems
  • Hands-on IBM i + Node-RED = succeed faster in programming - Koen Decorte, CD Invest
  • Hands-on Getting started with Open source - Jesse Gorzinski, IBM
  • Improving Analysis with Performance Data Investigator, Lora Powell, IBM
Afternoon (one of these): 
  • Security Beyond IBM i, Carol Woodbury, Help Systems
  • Free-form RPG - Jürgen Desmidt, CD-Invest
  • Moving Windows users to ACS - Jesse Gorzinski
  • Certifications 2 hours (details coming soon)
  • Certification Business Computing Associate
  • Certification Business Computing Professional (only after BCA)
  • Certification ILE RPG
  • Certification Associate RPG Developer
    Limited seats for WS/Dd/Certifications, reserve yours here already. 
II. Tuesday 9 Oct - Expo, main conference, quality prizes:
      FREE for members and sponsor recommended participants
      see agenda here
Keynote by IBM Executives Alison Butterill and Ingo Hesemans.
Education sessions by Carol Woodbury, Jesse Gorzinski, Franz Bourlet, Stephen Cheney,
Jürgen Desmidt, Koen Decorte, Manfred Sielhorst, Liliane Vanwinckel, Lora Powell,
Rudi van Helvoirt, Steve Bradshaw and Willy Ceuppens.
Application Development
Db2 and SQL
Emerging Technology
Free-form RPG
Open Source
Private Cloud
Security and even beyond
System Management
Register now.

II. Tuesday 9 Oct - Excellence Awards: submisions closed 16/09

There were two categories: Applicatiion Development or Database and Systems
and Security. Submission date 16/09 already over. Attend the Tuesday 9 October
conference to know the winners and finanlists. 

IV. Thanks to our well-wishers, partners and sponsors:



Benelux Power 2018 - Mon-Tue - 8-9 October Eindhoven, Netherlands

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Common Belgium, Common Netherlands and
Common Luxembourg are proud to announce
their annual flagship event for the 6th year


Workshops and deep dives - Monday 8 Octoebr

Main conference, Expo and Excellence Awards - Tuesday 9 Oct

Watch this space for more details


JSON and its practical uses for IBM i - 16 May Brussels


        Laptops must, it's fully hands-on register now

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Dear IBM i and Power Systems colleagues,

Come to learn JSON for IBM i full day from Birgitta Hauser, the "Queen of SQL".

JSON (Java Script Online Notation) is a data exchange format like XML. However JSON is simpler, less verbose and can be faster parsed than XML. In this way JSON becomes more and more important for data exchange, especially in composition with RESTful web services.  With Release 7.3 IBM introduced (and also provided for 7.2) all kinds of scalar and table functions for creating and consuming JSON data. The JSON data to be consumed can be located in a column of a Db2 table, in a source file member or in the IFS. Additionally IBM provided http-functions located within the SYSTOOL library for accessing RESTFul web services. By combining the http-functions with the JSON_TABLE table function, JSON data returned by a web service can be directly consumed. So everything is available, let’s start!

COMMON Belgium Board


Wednesday 16 May 2018, 9:30 to 16:30 hours
Location - IBM Client Center (Avenue du Bourget 42 Bourgetlaan, 1030 Brussels)

Register here

• 09:30 Welcome coffee
• 10.00 Welcome from Philippe Vanden Bussche, President COMMON Belgium
• 10.05 JSON Basics and generating JSON Objects - Birgitta Hauser, Toolmaker, Germany
• 11:20 Coffee break
• 11:35 Generating JSON Arrays - Birgitta
• 12:50 Lunch break
• 13.30 Consuming JSON Data - Introduction - Birgitta
• 14:45 Coffee break
• 15:00 Consuming JSON Data (Advanced ) and accessing RESTFul Web Services - Birgitta
• 16:15 Networking drink

Register here


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