PowerAI + Image Manipulation on IBM i, Brussels IBM Client Center 5 October 2017



IBM Client Center, Brussels More details below Register here


This "PowerAI + Image Manipulation on IBM i" event is FREE for COMMON user group members
or a first activity to non-members.

Dear colleagues,

Why should you come to this event organized by COMMON Belgium? Today, all of us
have a mobile phone in our pocket or purse. Taking a picture has become second nature.
But this phone is not simply for personal use, it is also a business instrument.
And Koen Decorte will show us how to send these images and other data to your IBM i.
And he will not just stop there he will show us how to manipulate those images along with
their data for our business applications.

Artificial Intelligence on Power Systems is yet another topic with a big buzz today.
It is our future. IBM Belgium’s Franz Bourlet will demystify it in the opening presentation.

Further, we also care to give you a stress free learning experience. To avoid traffic jams,
we start at 10:30 with a welcome coffee, offer you lunch and a relaxed networking drink
after the event, all finishing at 15:45 so that you can avoid the traffic jam for joining
your dear ones.
Your registration offers you free parking in the basement.

And like always, there will be a prize for everybody returning the evaluation form.  

Looking forward to seeing you in great numbers,

The COMMON Belgium Board
See speaker details and abstracts here.

Thursday 5 October 2017, 10:30 to 15/45 hours

Location - IBM Client Center (Avenu Bourgetlaan 42, 1130 Brussels )

* 10:30 Welcome coffee,

* 11:00 Welcome and introduction by Philippe Vanden Bussche, President

* 11:05 Announcement Benelux Power and CE iTour by Ranga Deshpande, VP & Events Manager


* 11:10 PowerAI by Fabian Michel, IBM Belgium


* 12:10 Sandwich lunch
* 12:45 IBM i mobile - Use your smartphone or webcam to send data
to your IBM i by Koen Decorte
* 13:55 Coffee break
* 14:15 Visual recognition on IBM i by Koen Decorte

* 15:15 Networking drink
*15:55 End of the event

Registration: http://www.common.be/Registration_Power_AI_and_Image_Manipulation_on_IBM_i



Common Europe Congress in collaboration with Common Belgium 18-21/6 Brussels



Thanks for massively attendingCOMMON Europe Congress 18-21 June, Brussels





1) Database Modernization 20 Apr @ IBM Bru 2) Common Europe Congress 18-21/6 Brussels



IBM Client Center, Evere, Brussels
More details below. Register here

COMMON Europe Congress 18-21 June
More details here Register here


See sessions abstracts and speaker bio’s here


Dear Common Belgium members,
and all IBM i and Power enthousiasts,
Common Belgium is proud to invite you to the second event of this year.
This time it’s all about database. More specific: database modernization.
The focus is more on ‘how to’ than on ‘why’.
The first session will indicate how to start with temporal database and row and colomn access control.
The second sessions is about what you can expect when modernizing your database.
The third session is more about how design decisions can impact the performance of the database:
A roadmap to datacentric computing. 
After the first session and before the lunch we will have our annual general assemblee. A short
presentation will cover the 2016 events, the financial results and the events we planned for this year.
The COMMON Belgium Board

Speaker details and abstracts available here.



Thursday 20 April 2017, 10:30 to 17:00 hours
Location - IBM Client Center Brussels, (Avenue Bourget 42 Bourgetlaan, Evere)

• 10:30 Welcome coffee

• 11.00: Event opening, Philippe Vanden Bussche, President, COMMON Belgium
• 11.10: Getting started with Temporal database and RCAC, Andy Youens, IBM i Consultant, FormaServe, UK

• 12.25: General Assembly followed by Lunch

• 13.10: Do’s and dont’s of a database modernization project – hands in the dirt tips, Michel Mouchon, CTO, Arcad Software

• 14.25 Coffee break

• 14.40: Why you cannot miss the COMMON Europe Congress, Brussels, 18-21 June 2017, Ranga Deshpande, President, COMMON Europe
• 14.55: A datacentric roadmap – practical tips from an experienced person, Jos Vermaere, IBM Academy of Technology

• 16.10: Closing drink / Networking moment

Venue: IBM Client Center Brussels, (Avenue Bourget 42 Bourgetlaan, Evere)
Registration: here




1) The Open i; Latest 7.3 news & NY Reception 2) COMMON Europe Congress 18-21/6 Brussels



Het Anker brewery, 14/3 Mechelen
More details below Register here

COMMON Europe Congress 18-21 June
More details here Register here

Het Anker (Guido Gezellelaan 49, 2800 Mechelen)

This "Open i & 7.3 news" community building event is FREE for all Power Systems and IBM i fans.

Dear colleagues,

Common Belgium is happy to invite you on the first Common event of 2017. It will be a day of innovation and tradition.
First we have innovation: you will see how new technologies, open source tools and Linux are implemented on IBM i and IBM Power.
Then we have tradition: is anything  more part of our culture and heritage than a visit to a brewery followed by a beer dinner?

The agenda for this event is build around the increasing possibilities of Open Source tools,  applications and linux on IBM i.

This New Year reception is wholly free for members and non-members.
Fill in the evaluation form before dinner and qualify to win a prize* - a free registration to COMMON Europe Congress, 18-21 June, Brussels, Belgium.

The COMMON Belgium Board

* Free CEC registration prize only for COMMON Belgium paid members of 2016 or 2017, before 31st March.
See speaker details and abstracts here.

Tuesday 14 March 2017, 13:30 to 20:00 hours

Location - Het Anker (Guido Gezellelaan 49, 2800 Mechelen)


• 13:30 Welcome coffee
 14.00: Event opening - Philippe Vanden Bussche, President COMMON Belgium
 14.10: State of the Business - Eddy Nijs, IBM Server Systems Manager Belux
14.30: Current status of Open Source and Linux on IBM Power Systems and  IBM i
   What about the new languages on Power Systems : GIT , Orion, Python,..
   and to get started with - Franz Bourlet, IBM Belgium
 15.15: IBM i and i7.3 in 2017: what can you expect ? - Fabian Michel, IBM Belgium
 16.00 Coffee break
 16.15: COMMON Europe Congress, Brussels, 18-21 June 2017 - Ranga Deshpande, President COMMON Europe
 16.25: From legacy AS400 applications to renewed IBM i applications with new functions and possibilities:
    a practical approach with live examples - Koen Decorte, CD Invest and Philippe Vanden Bussche, e5 mode.


Het Anker visit
 17:15 Guided visit
 18:15 Beer tasting
 18:45 Dinner

Venue: Het Anker (Guido Gezellelaan 49, 2800 Mechelen)

Registration: http://www.common.be/Registration_Open_Source_14_March



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