COMMON Europe Congress 31/05-2/06 Poland

Still time to register to this exciting education, networking and fun
European Power and IBM i congress that comes just once a year.

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Security Day & New Year Reception

Thanks participants, thanks speakers, thanks sponsors.

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Thanks colleagues - Your evaluations show you appreciated presentations, were happy to
hear and participate in the panel discussion, enjoyed wine tasting and liked prizes.

Thanks speakers - You witnessed the rapt attention and saw the enthusiasm,
your messages achieved the goal.

Thanks sponsors Cilasoft & Pantheon Automatisering - Your valued support was a big plus.

Non-participants - See the rich agenda below and pictures on right; you missed something.


09:30 - Welcome Coffee
10:00 – Welcome from COMMON Be, Shrirang “Ranga” Deshpande, VP & Events Manager
10:15 - Keynote - “Get cybercrime in our minds and out of our systems” - Federal Police tips for awareness and protection, Pascal D'Eer, Chief Information Officer, Belgian Federal Police
11:00 – Coffee break
11:30 - Keynote  Safeguard your precious Business Data with the latest IBM i security enhancements – Thomas Barlen, Consulting IT Specialist IBM Power Systems Security, IBM Germany
12:30 - Lunch
13:30 - Stay on Top of Your Most Difficult IBM i Security Challenges, Guy Marmorat, Security Expert on IBM i & CEO, Cilasoft, France.
14:30 - Coffee break
15:00 – Secure Web Application Development - Guy Paquet, Security Solution Consultant, Security Systems Division, IBM Belgium
15:45 - Moderated Panel discussion - Panelists:
Thomas Barlen, Consulting IT Specialist IBM Power Systems Security, IBM Germany,
Etienne Stanus, Chief Information Security Officer, Institut Jules Bordet, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Brussels, Belgium,
Wim Neirinck, Application Development Manager, CEBEO, Belgium.
Moderator - Ranga Deshpande, Common Belgium.
16:30 – COMMON Belgium: Highlights 2014 Plans 2015, Philippe Vanden Bussche, President COMMON BE
16:45 - Wine tasting, Gustaaf Legroux, Honorary President, COMMON Belgium
& Thierry De Laet, Oenologist
18:00 – 19:30 Prizes (Reputed wine bottles, a tablet, 1 free ticket for COMMON Europe Congress, Poland, 3 copies of Carol Woodbury's IBM i Security book), Walking dinner



Em-POWER your Linux + Hands-On! 6 May


Dear colleagues,

Since few months, IBM has created a lot of buzz with a new Linux-based entity called
OpenPOWER Foundation,
created jointly with 100+ partners (including Google, NVidia, Samsung
and many others). We invite you to discover how this innovative ecosystem can integrate into your
current environment. Invite especially your x86 Linux and/or Windows colleagues.
They will admire this powerful POWER architecture and its rich immediately usable possibilities.

In addition to our existing applications, business is demanding new applications in areas like Analytics,
Big Data, Mobile and Social Media. Linux is the environment of choice for these new strategic workloads.
But can Linux on x86 hardware bringvalue to business when workloads keep growing? We need
enterprise class functions to the Linux world in performance, scalability and reliability. We IBM i
(iSeries, AS/400) shops can reply to these needs with our existing infrastructure of IBM Power Systems.

Come and discover the essentials of Linux and the rich world of Open Source in the morning session
that includes a hands-on lab (installation of a Linux VM on your laptop and some basic exercises).
The afternoon session is for learning Linux on IBM Power systems, the systems you already have. Another
hands-on experience here will familiarize you to the starting point of creating a Linux partition and
understand how to deploy Open Source applications on it.

NB: The morning session is for people new to Linux and Open Source. The afternoon is for
everyone, including Linux specialists who do not know the POWER platform.

Date: Wednesday 6 May 2015
Venue: IBM Client Center, Avenue de 42 Bourgetlaan, 1130 Evere (Brussels)

Agenda (subject to change)

MORNING SESSION (for those without Linux / open source knowledge):

09:30: Welcome Coffee
09:45: Introduction to open source:
- what is it?
    - what is the economic model behind it?
    - how does it evolve?
    - examples of well-known open source products for personal usage (GIMP, StarOffice, VLC, Handbrake, ...)
10:30: Open source in the enterprise world:
- infrastructure classics (Netfilter, SpamAssassin, Apache, Samba, Webmin, Proxid, ...)
    - business solutions (Zarafa, Zimbra, SugarCRM, PostgreSQL, MySQL, KVM, RHEV,...)
    - rising stars (Docker, MongoDB, Cassandra, Odoo, Hadoop, Redislab, MariaDB, EnterpriseDB,...)
11:15: Coffee Break
11:30: Linux introduction and hands-on:
- introduction to distributions
    - main distributions and their characteristics
    - install a Linux VM on your laptop
    - discover the Linux file system
    - root vs users
    - desktop (Gnome, Unity, KDE, XFCE, ... ) vs CLI
    - repositories and software installation
    - networking
12:55: COMMON Belgium General Assembly
13:05: Lunch

AFTERNOON SESSION (for everyone):
14:00: Linux on Power and OpenPOWER overview:
- Why OpenPOWER
    - Why CAPI
    - POWER vs x86
    - OpenPOWER Foundation accomplishments 2014 and expectations 2015   
15:00: Coffee Break
15:15: Linux on Power hands-on:
- ASMI hardware interface
    - IPMI virtual console
    - PowerKVM and Kimchi
    - Bare metal installation
    - CLI, Webmin
    - Performance optimization (SMT,...)
    - HA/DR solutions
    - applications : LE vs BE
    - key applications (IBM, ISV, open source)
17:00: Drink

IBM Client Center (Forum), Avenue du Bourgetlaan 42-44, Evere, Brussels






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