“Welcome to COMMON Belgium, the premier IBM Power systems national user
community dedicated to harnessing the potential of IBM-based solutions
to advance our members’ businesses, skills and networking”

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Benelux Power 2023

06-07 November 2023

We sincerely thank our enthusiastic participants, knowledgeable speakers, and generous sponsors for collectively contributing to the resounding success of Benelux Power 2023.

Continuing on last ten years’ success, Common Belgium, Common Netherlands and Common Luxembourg, have organized the 11th BeNeLux Power Expo and Conference with intensified education thru workshops and Exhibition and Conference on 06-07 November 2023.
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We are eagerly awaiting 11 December 2023, Common Belgium Board Strategy meeting, to decide 2024 events.
They are YOUR learning / upskilling occasions, all suggestions are highly invited
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What is COMMON Belgium

At COMMON Belgium, our focus extends beyond borders. COMMON Belgium proudly contributes to the thriving Common Europe community, where like-minded professionals from across the continent converge annually to explore emerging trends, engage with IBM experts, and forge lasting connections. Furthermore, we actively foster collaboration with our European sister user groups, aligning our efforts to create a seamless, transcontinental exchange of insights and expertise. Through these invaluable partnerships, we leverage collective knowledge to shape the future of IBM solutions on a global scale. 
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By joining COMMON Belgium, you become part of an inspiring journey – one that embraces innovation, fosters collaboration, and empowers you to shape the future of technology. Explore our initiatives, events, and membership benefits at www.common.be, and take your place at the forefront of IBM i driven transformation. Together, we propel a global community united by shared knowledge, collective vision, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.
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Welcome to COMMON Belgium, the premier national user community dedicated to harnessing the potential of IBM based solutions. Our mission is rooted in cultivating a vibrant ecosystem that revolves around networking, knowledge exchange, advanced education, and strategic influence within the realm of IBM i products and solutions. As a non-profit organization, COMMON Belgium unites a diverse community of clients, solution providers, academic institutions and IBMers, all driven by a shared passion for leveraging IBM i technologies to drive innovation and growth.
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Our commitment to collaboration extends across the Atlantic as well. As an active participant in COMMON North America, we ensure that our members are seamlessly integrated into an expansive network that transcends geographical boundaries. This partnership opens doors to a wealth of resources, thought leadership, and industry best practices, enriching the experiences and opportunities available to every COMMON Belgium member.
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  • “At ASCO we value our membership of Common Belgium as it provides us a means to stay up to date with IBM i developments and enhancements. Their regular theme based sessions are a means to stay up to date in the ever-changing IBM i and IT landscape. In addition, it provides us contact with other users who tackle problems we face as well and, through other insight or viewpoints, have sometimes handed better solutions than we could (not) have found.“

    Kris De Vlieger
    IT business relationship & development manager, ASCO Industries, Zaventem, Belgium
  • “Through participation in Common Belgium activities, Howest University students gain access to a wealth of IBM i knowledge and expertise from IBM Business Architects and industry leaders. The presentations, workshops, and seminars offer them insights into the latest trends and technologies within the IBM i ecosystem. This exposure, and networking with business professionals, not only enhances their technical skills but also equips them with a deep understanding of real-world business applications, infrastructure and security.”

    Corneel Theben Tervile
    International Coordinator of Applied Computer Science, HOWEST University of Applied Sciences, Bruges, Belgium
  • “Common Belgium’s education helps Colruyt Group to offer cutting edge IT solutions to our business. Their insightful sessions and workshops empower us with new technologies, enhancing operations. Moreover, the networking advantage of being a member allows us to connect with industry peers and leaders, amplifying our IBM i solutions leverage for ongoing success.”

    Peter Boesman
    Application Manager for Solucious (part of Colruyt Group) Belgium
  • “Being a member of Common Belgium has been a game-changer for our company. The current education they provide keeps our IT applications sharp, while the networking opportunities have connected us with industry peers and opportunities. Thanks to Common Belgium, we’re confidently steering our business through the ever-changing IT landscape.”

    IT Manager, An International 100 Years Young Company, Belgium